Readers Mail: I feel embarrased

A while ago i was seriously embarrassed by my husband. Around 7 pm i realized that there was no vegetable oil at home and i wished to fry plantain for my family so i walked down to the supermarket (about two streets away). Before i had got back my husband had returned home and locked me out of the house. I got to the entrance and knocked on the gate. he angrily came to the gate and opened it. He asked me where i had been and before i could  explain myself he slapped me and pushed me back, i stumbled on a stone and fell down. The bottle of oil broke and the oil spilled on the floor. I kept on trying to explain myself but he did not listen, by then some people walking on the street had started staring at us. He then kicked me severally before he turned to storm inside the compound shouting that i was irresponsible and left our child unattended. Some of the neighbours who had seen us came to pull me up. I was so embarrassed that i stumbled into our compound crying. Its been a week now but i find it difficult to move in my area. I feel the neighbours eyes on me. I am so embarrassed and my self esteem has definitely taken a plunge. What should  i do?

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Should I tell?

My cousin is about to marry someone I know quite well. We attended the same university. While in school we stayed in the same hostel. Then she was dating a married man who she got pregnant for. When she was about five months into her pregnancy, the mans wife came to our hostel to beat her up and the man stopped coming to see her. She then decided to have an abortion. Unfortunately she went to a quack who did a bad job on her, she was ill for a long time and she missed a semester. She came back to school later but soon after she and her best friend quarreled and her friend told everyone who cared to listen that the girl had lost her womb in the abortion process therefore she could no longer have a child. The whole story became public news. The girl to our surprise did not dispel the rumors. At the end of the school session she left for another university. Now years after she is dating my cousin and he has brought her to the family to introduce her as his wife to be. Should I tell him or our family what I know about her?

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